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Vegas ready to wave Terrible Towels for Super Bowl

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By Frank Pingue

Aside from more traditional bets, gamblers can take a chance at proposition bets, like deciding whether the combined number of Pittsburgh and Green Bay field goals will be more than the total goals scored between soccer teams Chelsea and Liverpool in the English Premier League on Sunday.

(Editing by Mark Lamport-Stokes)

While 80 percent of the Super Bowl gambling is expected to take place over the next two days, the casinos do not expect to be trading their “Terrible Towels” for foam cheese hats, which many Green Bay fans wear because of the cheese production in the Wisconsin area.

A more unique proposition bet from online gambling site allows bets on whether Christina Aguilera will hold the note “brave” longer than six seconds when she sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the kickoff.

“We could use the Steelers to win, but that could change on the turn of a dime if someone pays the Steelers for quite a bit of money as well,” Jay Rood, race and sports book director at MGM Resorts, told Reuters in a telephone interview on Friday.

Credit: Reuters/Richard Brian

TORONTO (Reuters) – The Pittsburgh Steelers can count on many Las Vegas casinos to be waving “Terrible Towels” on Sunday since most of the millions of dollars being wagered on the Super Bowl is banking on a Green Bay Packers victory.

While plenty of money will be wagered this weekend on the Super Bowl, only a portion of the funds will be devoted to the actual winner.

“It still might be a little premature because 80 percent of the action usually comes during the last two days,” said Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sports book operations for the Las Vegas Hilton.

MGM Resorts International, which operates 10 sports books on the Las Vegas Strip, said about 70 percent of the money bet so far in its casinos is for a Packers victory.

Pittsburgh’s fan base are known throughout the NFL for frantically waving small gold dish towels, known as “Terrible Towels”, during Steeler games.

. “But people aren’t spending as much as they did in 2006 so I would say it would be a stretch to say we are going to see that level.”


“Visitation for this year is going to be up … so that should translate into an increased handle over last year,” said Mike Lawton, senior research analyst for the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

A view of the ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ neon sign is seen before Earth Hour in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 27, 2010.

Every year, the NFL’s championship game creates a gambling frenzy in Nevada that is considered by some to be a bellwether for the broader economy. The state handled $82 million in Super Bowl bets last year when the New Orleans Saints played the Indianapolis Colts.

The point-spread for the February 6 game in Dallas has remained steady over the last week and the Nevada gambling community is clearly backing the Packers, who are 2.5-point favorites.

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“We’ll probably take a little more Steelers money over the next 24 hours or so but I think we’ll still be Steelers fans come Sunday.”

TORONTO Fri Feb 4, 2011 6:24pm EST

“But it’s looking like we’re going to need the Steelers as most of the money so far has been on the Packers.”

There is even a wager based on whether Miami Heat forward LeBron James’s point total on Sunday against the Los Angeles Clippers will be more than the points scored by the Steelers.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, wagers on this year’s Super Bowl are expected to surpass last year’s but will be hard pressed to top the record $94.5 million set five years ago when the Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks.

A view of the 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas' neon sign is seen before Earth Hour in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 27, 2010

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Sports :: UEFA Champions League Finals Bring Opportunities not Only for the Teams

Add this to the semi-finals victory against Olympique Lyonnais and you can say you have a team worth watching.

Another target within Shevchenko’s lead is the overall record for goals scored in the UEFA club competition.

The player that got closest to Shevchenko is Barcelona’s star Ronaldinho with 7 goals on this 2005-06 UEFA Champions League tournament.

AC Milan was the only UEFA Champions League semi-finalist to win on their return to home action on the Serie A during the weekend as they scored 4 goals against AC Chievo Verona. He already equaled the mark set by SL Benefica’s legend Eusebio, and he stands just 6 goals short of the mark set by Gerd Muller.

He currently has a record of 9 goals in the current UEFA Champions League Campaign, this is closer than anybody has gotten to break Ruud Van Nistelrooij’s record of 12 so basically with the three matches left; he only needs a goal a game to tie the standing record.

But this pass to the finals does not only present an opportunity for the team on the UEFA Champions League but to its star Andriy Shevchenko, he is granted the chance to break a goal scoring record.

Casino-Gaming :: Basic Information about Blackjack

However, it the casino dealer and gamer’s hands are just 21 or very similar, then it’s considered a push meaning no-one victories. If your hand on the person grows to 21, this is whats called twenty-one. It does not matter just what the other gamers have. The main premise of Twenty-one is to use the very best cards that may provide a sum closest or equal to 21, without going overboard (bust).

Twenty-one Guide

Ever in your life played Black jack? This is certainly considered a counting game where by each cards are offered their appropriate numeric value. They 2-10 are valued as is also while the face cards are provided value of 10. Keep in mind, the match depends upon your dealer. The user wins if his amount is nearer to 21 compared to the hand on the dealer. It simply gets to be a push if another card is a blackjack 10-Ace. This is actually the biggest house advantage of black-jack when you play at internet casinos. It is about you beating the card dealer in the game.

Black jack Rules

The user is permitted to take just as much cards as he wants but he needs to be wary about busting or groing through the amount 21. Other you are facing down. Value of the blackjack is 1.5 events with the bet understanding that indicates a bet of $120 will cause a $170 win.

Part one of black-jack may be the dealer offering Two cards to every one on the gamers and ultimately, to personally. Care and strategic planning is essential to prevent busting while ensuring is at your closest value to 21. It doesn’t matter just what cards others get. Each of the cards on the people are facing exactly the same way, either down or up depending on rules on the table. Any hand is beaten by the combination of 10 and Ace even if the hand can also be comparable to 21. The user can lose either by busting or maybe the dealer’s hand is far nearer to 21. A card with the dealer has one card subjected so your gamers is able to see. It is essential that your core mindset is your cards and also the dealer’s card as you concentrate on setting up a hand that since the biggest advantage for winning. Nonetheless, a game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on receiving big.. Actively playing black jack is strategic also it allows you also to come to be analytical and mathematical. Black-jack is all about beating the house. However, when the splits a card, it won’t be well-known anymore as blackjack since they will be individual hands currently. The Ace can be a unique case as it could be valued either 1 or 11 depending on what most closely fits your hand

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Trick Questions and Answers

Then there was a loud bang, and everybody found Tommy dead in his kennel. So, how will you survive the crash?

Don’t sweat about it. There will be more coming up in future and those will be trickier and more interesting; enough to shock, amaze, and amuse you! Till then, keep ‘cooking’ your own set of trick questions and answers and amuse others!

Now, the condition was that after you have completed the task, you should be left with zero money at the end. Complete the series. tall, and eats all the time. You want to go to the 15th floor and the 40th floor, for the view from there is magnificent. This makes the amount (2X – 15) to become (2X – 15 – 5), which is (2X – 20)

Once when you are inside, the amount (2X – 20) again gets doubled, i.e. On which side is the cup’s handle?

No matter in which position the cup is, its handle will always be on the outside!

#22. Now, you have only one chance to spend a day with your dream girl, and of course you can’t leave your best friend behind. On one side (say side A) a man is standing with a Bengal tiger, a goat, and a bunch of grass. What is the name of the guide?

Aren’t you the guide? So, what’s your name?

#13. wide. Just stop imagining!

#23. Despite cops being present in the vicinity of the lane, he slithers away uncaught! How?

Peter chose to walk that day for some reason. The monks say that they would like to rest for a while. Which one is correct? “Penguins flies” or “A Penguin flies”

Neither. While she was serving the dinner, she got clumsy and dropped one China bowl on the concrete floor, without cracking it? How did Helena did it?

You see, concrete floor does not crack easily, at least not with a China bowl!

Hence, you should carry an amount of $11.25 inside the casino, so that you are left with no money at the end.

Trick questions and answers are always fun and exciting. For example if you carry $5, it will become $10. Peter is known for his rash driving in the neighborhood. deep, 12 ft. In Madagascar, you cannot take a picture of a lemur with gray hair. Roger was reading, Bella was painting, little Johny was trying to walk, the widow (next door neighbor) was over the phone with her husband, Susie was in the kitchen, and Tommy, the pet dog, was barking frantically. So, the amount which you have now becomes, (2X – 10 – 5), which is (2X – 15)

Again, you enter the casino through gate C and spend $5. Who killed Tommy?

The widow! She does not have a husband.

#17. There is a hole in your backyard. How will he do it? Remember that, the tiger can kill the goat if not attended by the man, and the goat can eat the grass, when left alone.

The man would have to carry the goat first and keep it on the other side (side B) of the river, as the tiger will ‘definitely’ not eat the grass, even if left alone on side A. Guess what type of music is playing inside the elevator?

The lift won’t work, the power is out.

#21. The first was, “What walks on four in spring, two in summer and three in winter?” Here’s the answer.

? The answer is your ‘name’!

#5. Which letter of the English alphabet flies, sings, and stings?

#11. Guess which month has 28 days?

All months have 28 days!

#7. The entire group comprises 5 businessmen, 2 monks, 4 photographers, 5 high school students, 7 doctors, 4 nuns, 3 small kids, 3 scholars, and 2 married couples. Name all the numbers from 1 – 100, which have the letter ‘A’ in their spellings?


#12. Finally, winter falls when the man starts getting older and as you know, most elderly people need the aid of a stick to walk, and hence they walk on ‘three’ legs!

#25. This is because, if it is left alone on side B with the tiger, it will be killed. What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place?


#26. How many workers would be required to build it in 10 years?

Sorry, the Taj Mahal cannot be built again.

#4. Now, while coming back again from side B, he will again carry the goat with him. Also know that, whatever amount of money you carry with you inside the casino, it doubles. You ask your best friend to drive the woman to a hospital, and you spend the day with your dream girl! How’s that?

#3. Why?

Don’t you think you need a camera instead of gray hair to take pictures?

#6. Tom had 3 big fish and 3 small fish in an aquarium. Why is it a felony to bury a giant bear who lives in a rainforest, in a desert?

You cannot bury an alive bear anywhere you like!

#10. It took 20,000 workers to build the Taj Mahal in 20 years. You are pointing towards the North and the cup is facing towards the South. One day you decide to enter a sixty-storied skyscraper. Let’s say you are working as a tourist guide for a reputed organization. The office on the 15th floor deals in jazz and rock music videos. So, he will bring it back to side A, keep it and carry the grass to side B. You have to go inside the casino through gate A, come out of B, again go inside the casino through gate C and finally come out of gate D. You have a cup placed on a table. It was a sunny Sunday morning. Suddenly, you notice some people standing by the side of the road, and you slow down. Penguins don’t fly.

‘B’ (bee).

#24. You somehow reach the 15th floor but you get too tired to continue. If there were any, it wouldn’t be a hole.

#18. After having done this, he will come back from side B, take the tiger from side A along with him and put it on side B. All you have with you is a self-help book named How to save yourself from a plane crash. One day, you get to serve 35 tourists.

#27. How’s that possible?

The four were married and not single.

That would be all for some trick questions and answers which I could think of, as of now. In a year, some months have 30 days, while some have 31. Every time you enter the casino, you have to pay $5 and every time you leave the casino, you again have to pay $5. So, this makes the amount (4X – 40 – 5), which is (4X – 45).

#9. Now, how much money should you carry inside the casino so that when you finally come out of the gate D, you should be left with no money?

Instead of guessing the amount of money, why don’t we try solving this problem using algebra.

Let’s say that the amount which you are carrying inside the casino is ‘X’

When you enter the casino through gate A, you spend $5, so the amount becomes (X – 5)

This amount gets doubled inside the casino and becomes 2 (X – 5), i.e., 2X – 10

Now, you make an exit through gate B and again pay $5. What is the amount of dirt that lies in this crevice?

#20. One day, he takes a one-way lane but goes in the wrong direction. You call the elevator and get inside. There is a river. It is 6 ft. The ailing woman is dying and requires immediate medical help. Guess what would be the name of the fifth?

Fifty? Well no! It’s Larry! (Larry is the fifth son).

So, when 4X – 45 = 0; 4X = 45; X = 45 ÷ 4; X = 11.25

Let’s see if you can get the rest of the questions right. Good for him!

#16. Larry’s father has five sons, viz. How many remain in the water?

2 big fish and 1 small fish would remain in the water, and the other three would float on the surface of the water.

? Spring denotes the early childhood of a man. This one seems hard, but it’s simple! There is a casino and it has 4 gates (let’s name them as gate A, B, C and D). The man has to transport each of them to the other side (say side B) of the river on a boat. 2 (2X – 20) which is (4X – 40)

This time, you will make your final exit through gate D and pay $5. No matter how tricky and hard the questions are, people try their best to get to the end of the maze.

Before I give you the trick questions, let me give you the answers to the first two which were asked at the beginning. So, according to this, the remaining amount of money which you have now, i.e, (4X – 45 ) should be equal to 0.

#2. You learn that the people include your best friend, an ailing old woman, and your dream girl. 9 = 4, 21 = 9, 22 = 9, 24 = 10, 8 = 5, 7 = 5, 99 = 10, 100 = 7, 16 = ?, 17 = ?

16 = 7 and 17 = 9 [The number of letters in the spelling of 16 (sixteen) is 7 and that of 17 (seventeen) is 9]

#14. Now, when he finally returns, he will carry the goat from side A to side B. Evey single passenger on the ship drowned but only four survived. Guess what does he weigh?


The second question was, “What is it which is yours and you do not use, but others always do?”

There couldn’t be any dirt. Here they are…

#1. So, which organ in his body would be the largest?

His skin!

#19. Imagine you are in a flight that is going to crash any moment. The other day, Helena bought a new set of China from the nearby store. Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty… Out of these, 2 nuns leave halfway, 3 photographers decide to stay behind, and the students begin to disappear one by one. So, what would you do in order to help the woman to reach the hospital? Remember that, your car can carry ‘ONLY TWO’ people (the driver and one passenger).

Seems quite tricky right? Here is the answer… If one falls down, then how many remain?

Seems quite easy and obvious, right? On being verbally asked, you will think that the answer is 59! But is it? Read or ‘hear’ the question once more and carefully! There are ‘sixty cups’ (six-tea-cups) on the table. Last year, a cruise ship sank in the middle of the Pacific. Due to negligence, 1 big fish and 2 small fish died. He is 45 years old, 7 ft. My neighbor Bob is a blacksmith. Clark Kent does 5 sets of pushup, 6 sets of sit-up, 7 sets of squat, and 8 sets of bench dip in a day. Imagine yourself driving on a highway on a windy day. During that time, he is a baby and crawls – meaning he walks on four legs! Adulthood is analogous to summer, and so the baby becomes a man and walks on two. So, if one falls down, then 5 tea cups will remain!

#15. Now, the boat can carry one item at a time along with the man. There are sixty cups on a table. The power is out in the building due to some maintenance work. What is the smartest and quickest way to lift a giant grizzly bear with one hand?

Well, first you would have to find a giant grizzly bear with one hand, before pondering on this question.

#8. This one is my favorite among all trick questions and answers. All are safe and the job is done!. long, and 8 ft Celebrity Betting Odds – Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton Top List for Next DUI

With nearly 10 years of experience, innovation and gaming technology, features a sportsbook, a racebook and casino including poker, and has accepted more than 59,000,000 wagers since the company’s launch.., one of the Internet’s largest betting sites, offers odds surrounding the hottest issues in headline, entertainment and sporting news, often at the request of its own customers.

“Whether it’s oil prices, celebrity couple break-ups, or presidential elections, our customers frequently call or email to request odds surrounding the top news stories,” says Dave Johnson, CEO of 17, 2006–In the midst of the online “Celebetting” craze, bettors from ( favor Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton as the next celebrity most likely to be arrested and charged with a DUI.

About WagerWeb

The odds asking which celebrity will be the first to be arrested and charged with a DUI (regardless of trial outcome) are as follows:

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. “Mel Gibson’s arrest for a DUI, among other celebrities, sparked huge interest in DUI odds.” Recently, more than 50 percent of bettors correctly picked Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra to split from the first installment of site endorser Cindy Margolis’ Celebrity Break-Up list.

Lindsay Lohan 1 to 2

Tara Reid 1 to 1

Paris Hilton 2 to 1

David Hasselhoff 3 to 1

Frankie Muniz 4 to 1

Shannon Doherty 5 to 1

Tommy Lee 6 to 1

Jenna Bush 7 to 1

Mary Kate Olsen 8 to 1

Nicole Richie 8 to 1

Andy Dick 10 to 1

Jack Nicholson 12 to 1

Vince Vaughn 14 to 1

Nicholas Cage 16 to 1

Colin Farrell 18 to 1

Nick Nolte 20 to 1

Mel Gibson 21 to 1

Whitney Houston 22 to 1

Robert Downey Jr. 23 to 1

Kid Rock 24 to 1

Pamela Anderson 25 to 1

Ashley Olsen 26 to 1

Kelly Osbourne 27 to 1

Jake Gyllenhaal 28 to 1

Courtney Love 29 to 1

Johnny Knoxville 30 to 1

Jessica Simpson 35 to 1

Nick Lachey 40 to 1

Chad Lowe 45 to 1

Brad Pitt 50 to 1

Amanda Bynes 55 to 1

George Clooney 60 to 1, founded in 1997, is a privately held, offshore online gaming company, fully licensed and located in San Jose, Costa Rica

Russia’s Attack Against America’s “Invisible Internet” Could Switch Online Poker Off

5 at the Infoforum 2015 that restricting access to anonymizing networks could reduce the burden of policing the burden of its restrictive gaming policies.

According to The Stack, Levin explained that the use of VPN & Tor services “forces us to invest significant additional funds to the armed forces and to law enforcement agencies. If Russian poker players are no longer able to play online, this could reduce online tournament guarantees and dry up some of the cash game tables.

While Russia’s fight may be alarming to online gaming operators and poker players alike, even if this proposal is passed, it may prove impossible for the country’s authorities to achieve their ambitious goal due to the double randomizing effort of combining both VPNs and Tor services.

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The end of online gaming, including online poker, could be coming in Russia as the country’s Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications considers to propose a ban on VPNs and Tor services.

At the same time, however, Russia is fighting a battle on another front by proposing to require licensed gaming operators to use a single financial transaction portal, and potentially block all financial transactions from unlicensed gaming operators.

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A few online gaming companies, including Ladbrokes, already pulled their games and services out of the country due to its tough stance against online gaming.


However, if Russia follows a model lead by China, whereby they create their own Tor services, they could be able to mitigate part of the perceived problem by collecting IP addresses of its residents using these services and then blocking them from Internet activities.

These measures are not only alarming to Russian poker players, but also to poker players around the world who rely on these players for a good amount of the liquidity on a variety of online poker rooms. 9 by a statement by the country’s Safe Internet League spokesperson Denis Davydov, who said, “We strongly support the idea of limiting Russia’s access to anonymous networks, including Tor. Though this is justifiable, it does not result in effective information control.”

Russia’s fight against online gaming is well known, with the country blacklisting many online gaming operators including international giants like PokerStars, partypoker, Unibet and TitanPoker.. The ‘Invisible’ Internet has made it possible for offenders of all kinds to hide their intentions from the state and use it to commit crimes: acquiring drugs and weapons, distributing child pornography, trafficking in human beings – including sex slaves – and leading political struggle. Follow us on Twitter and find us on both Facebook and Google+!

This was followed on Feb. Do not forget that Tor was developed and is used by Americans, including US intelligence agencies, to expand the hegemony of the United States around the world.”

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, Leonid Levin, stated on Feb

Yahoo Italia

Latte, Martina: azioni con Antitrust e maggiori garanzie -2-

Roma, 11 feb. (askanews) – Un prossimo decreto ministeriale, quindi, innoverà quello emanato nell’ottobre 2012 per il Pacchetto latte, con l’introduzione obbligatoria di clausole di garanzia nei contratti, con particolare riguardo alla loro durata e al rispetto del principio di buona prassi fondato…

Research and Markets: 2011 – Global Online Gambling – Market expected to grow to $46.1 billion by the end of 2015

The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the Global online gambling market. DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets( has announced the addition of the “Global Online Gambling” report to their offering.

Global Online Gambling industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market share, market size (value 2006-10, and forecast to 2015). Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.

For more information visit

Key Topics Covered:

The online gambling industry comprises remote gaming activities by means of the internet, mobile/WAP capabilities. This is the total amount waged by customers minus the total amount paid out to customers as winnings, but before the payment of any applicable taxes, disbursements to charitable or other causes by games established for those purposes, or other expenses.

The global online gambling market had total gross gaming wins of $29.8 billion in 2010, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% between 2006 and 2010.

The Sports Betting segment was the market’s most lucrative in 2010, with total gross gaming wins of $12.2 billion, equivalent to 41% of the market’s overall value.

The performance of the market is forecast to decelerate, with an anticipated CAGR of 9.1% for the five-year period 2010 – 2015, which is expected to drive the market to a value of $46.1 billion by the end of 2015.


Executive Summary

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Bwinparty Digital Entertainment


Ladbrokes Plc

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About Datamonitor

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Datamonitor Consulting. The market is valued in terms of gross gaming wins

Race Report | 14:25 Trophy Chase | Cheltenham

“We’ll have to think about the Racing Plus Chase (BetBright Chase at Kempton on February 21).

“It’s great to see the horse back in good form after his flop in the Hennessy,” said trainer Martin Keighley.

Paul Nicholls’ decision to send Easter Day to Cheltenham backfired after the seven-year-old fell three fences from home in the Trophy Chase.

Keighley said: “He wasn’t right in the Hennessy, but a lot of my horses weren’t right at the time.

“If he does come back here in March, it will probably be for the Festival Chase. I think he’ll be better on better ground.”

Annacotty: Cheltenham winnerAnnacotty: Cheltenham winner

“I kept the cheekpieces on him to make him focus and have tunnel-vision, it’s not that he’s ungenuine or anything like that.


At the business end, Annacotty (5/1) showed much more of his usual sparkle to get the better of old-timer Big Fella Thanks by three-quarters of a length.

A change of scenery worked especially well for the Grade One-winning seven-year-old, who responded manfully to Gavin Sheehan’s urgings once push came to shove.

Annacotty was pulled up in the Newbury showpiece, but has since been hunting in a bid to freshen him up.

And connections were left to rue what might have been after Nicholls’ inmate, who was sent off the 3/1 favourite, crashed out when seemingly travelling well enough.

The Ditcheat handler was fined £1,200 by the Doncaster stewards after Easter Day bypassed a first-choice engagement in the Skybet Chase on Town Moor in preference to the Grade Three handicap at Prestbury Park.