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Iniesta hopeful Suarez has ban reduced.

It’s fundamental for a midfielder to have a player with those characteristics in the team.” Iniesta also said that learning that long-running Barca team-mate Xavi Hernandez is set to stay at the club for another season was “one of the best pieces of news of the summer”. Suarez, a PS75million signing from Liverpool, was handed a four-month ban by FIFA for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match, which prevents him from making his debut for Barcelona until October 26 when the Catalans play arch rivals Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. It would have been strange if he had left.”


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Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. “He’s another one of us and we are delighted about that, because he’s spent all his life here and means so much to the club. “It’s a thorny issue because you don’t know whether speaking about it will go against or favour him so I’m going to decline to comment on it,” said Iniesta. ”Suarez is a tremendous signing for us because of his quality, but the other thing (the ban) is something for the club, the courts and FIFA to deal with. All rights reserved.

. We hope that can be resolved and that the ban is reduced as much as possible.” Speaking purely about the Uruguayan’s qualities on the pitch, Iniesta added: “Right now he’s one of the best strikers in the world and he will bring to us that ambition he has to score goals, his willingness to work hard, that mobility that characterises him. The 27-year-old striker saw an appeal to FIFA rejected and has gone to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in a final bid to see his ban, which his lawyer Alejandro Balbi has branded as “blatantly draconian, totalitarian and fascist”, reduced.

BARCEIONA midfielder Andres Iniesta hopes new team-mate Luis Suarez’s suspension is reduced. CAS has accepted Suarez’s appeal and is in the process of studying it, with a decision expected in mid- August. Speaking at a press conference, Iniesta was careful about commenting on the fairness of the ban, but said he wished Suarez could play for Barcelona as soon as possible

Soccer Star Luis Suarez Surprises Young Cancer Patient With Emotional Video Call

When the conversation begins, the patient speaks to Suarez, whose face is hidden from the screen.

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Fundacin Prez Scremini, a foundation that aims to fight childhood cancer, uploaded a video this week featuring the F.C. Mateo is still unaware of the athlete’s true identity.

Their interaction is nothing short of magical. If you are good do what the doctors say, I promise to [give] you [a jersey],” Suarez says, according to the video’s translation.

Luis Suarez may have a fierce reputation on the field, but when he’s not playing soccer, he can be a pretty compassionate guy. But at the 1:30 mark, Suarez finally reveals his face and let’s just say Mateo’s reaction made our eyes start raining. “But of the ones I play with.

You may not be Suarez’s biggest fan, but after watching this video, you’ll admit that what he did was incredibly moving.

The soccer player praised Mateo for his bravery and even offered to give the boy one of his jerseys, saying, “Let’s make a deal. Barcelona forward surprising Mateo, a young fan from Uruguay who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, according to the video’s subtitles. Not from the store.” .

In the video, Mateo sits down for a video call, thinking he’ll be speaking with a Spanish doctor for a consultation

What are door gunners called?

Today, helicopters like the UH-60 have two machine guns firing out of two windows located behind the pilots.

The modern door gunners are normally drawn from support soldiers within the aviation battalion, detailed from his of her company to one of the flight companies within the battalion. Later, as the War progressed, the door gunner position usually became a non-aviation soldier or Marine that volunteered for door gunner duties. The CH-46, CH-47 and CH-53 have an additional gun that is fired from the rear ramp. They normally undergo a specified training period (normally referred to as a “progression”) and then assume part time or, in some cases dependent on the needs of the companies and the battalion as a whole, full time flying duties. Today, the term “door gunner” usually applies to those personnel that aren’t qualified crew chiefs and thus don’t fly operationally (the exception would be maintenance personnel that are on flight status for test flight purposes in the aviation maintenance company within aviation battalions, in this case these personnel don’t fly often). As the war progressed, using bungee cords to suspend the weapons became a common practice for door gunners, as the newfound manuverablility of the mounted weapons allowed for increased angles to shoot from. Duties range from preparation of the machine guns (typically M240 model weapons), performing inflight observer duties, and assisting the crew chief with maintaining the aircraft. [edit] The Modern Door Gunner

US Army crew chiefs in UH-60 and CH-47 units serve as gunners in addition to their maintenance duties. Initially, door gunners’ weapons were mounted on swiveling mounts in order to aim and steady the weapon, usually an M60 Machine gun. Safety lines were also attached to the door gunners to prevent them from falling out of the helicopter if the door gunners leaned outward on the helicopter skids to get a better firing angle.

After completing a certain number of combat missions Army door gunners are eligible for the award of the Army Aviation Badge.

This is the only reference I could find in relation to your question:

A door gunner is soldier tasked with firing and maintaining manually directed armament aboard a helicopter. . The actual role will vary depending on the task given on a particular mission. The original personnel who served as door gunners aboard UH-34 and UH-1 helicopters were normally enlisted crew chiefs who served as both the aircraft’s maintenance supervisor and the door gunner.

[edit] Origins

The role of “door gunner” originated during the Vietnam War, when helicopters were first used in large numbers. Upon notification of an upcoming deployment to a hostile fire zone, an aviation unit is allowed to select and train personnel assigned to the unit for the duration of the deployment (flight status is terminated upon completion of the deployment). Thus, most aircraft carried both a crew chief and door gunner, with the crew chief manning a weapon as well. The UH-1 (still in use by the US Marine Corps) is still manned as it was in the Vietnam War, actually firing from an open cabin door.

The door gunner position was not a particularly popular one, due to the inherent vulnerability of manning a machine gun in the open door of a helicopter

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All around your hat, will you wear the green willow?

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Seattle teachers/staff are striking due to failed contract talks

Manchester United rebuild comes at cost of youth development

It hasn’t been a priority to them as they’ve rightly focussed on the first team. United’s part-time coaches get them for five and a half hours per week. United are also trusted by families because they have a consistent track record of putting kids in the first team, City don’t put their youth kids in the first team, though they obviously hope that changes.

United’s (and City’s) system will be judged by the players that come through it and make the first team — or those who are sold at a significant profit as the youth system continues to be a profit-making arm of the club — but as former United boss David Moyes told me last week:

On one level, the result of a game in which only one or two of the players may reach their club’s first team doesn’t mean that much.

Manchester City 9, Manchester United 0. 10 and don’t play another league game until Sept. Follow him on Twitter @AndyMitten.

“Not eight out of the same age group playing international and Premier League football for 10 to 15 years,” said Neville. That worries some fans who think youth development and player creation is an important part of the fabric and heritage of Manchester United and more authentic than merely buying a who’s who of talent.

So United will lose players, but City are doing the same thing to every club in the north of England. After reading my initial article, one person familiar with the systems at both clubs, who requested not to be named, told me:

United is still more attractive than City to most kids, in part because more of them are United fans than City fans. Their heads get turned, especially if they don’t have any money and that’s the case with most working-class families where footballers come from.

“How the hell can players remain match fit if they rarely play a game? How are the likes of Paddy McNair or James Wilson expected to be ready to step into the first team if they go months without a game?”

There are also people at Carrington with serious concerns about the structure of youth football in this country within which they have to work.. City don’t just bulldoze in with a bag of money and get all the players they want, though the money City offer is undeniably very attractive to some parents. It wasn’t the first team nor the under-21s, who have won their league in each of the past two seasons, but City’s under-14s who destroyed United’s at the weekend. 21.

The weekend result was a surprise, but then City’s full-time coaches get their 14-year-old players for four hours a day and then a game at the weekend. A young player might go to Eastlands and have a good year, but then City will sign an even better player from, say, Leeds, and suddenly a very talented player is not getting the games he should. United have an exceptional record of doing this.

Yet United are no longer the dominant recruiter in England’s North West because of the resources that neighbours City are investing in their youth system. The players in City’s under-14s team all go to school together and have coaches who work full-time, but City’s system is not perfect. Not all agreed with every part of the article, but the overwhelming gist was that there was a problem and that they wanted to do something about it because they care deeply about Manchester United and its famed youth system.

Unlike more-financially challenged clubs, United don’t have the pressure to develop players because they can afford to buy footballers with top-flight experience, or players like Memphis Depay or Anthony Martial, who’ve come through excellent youth systems at PSV Eindhoven and Lyon to shine in their domestic leagues for a couple of seasons.

As Ian Brunton, who specialises in United’s reserves teams, said of the current fixtures: “Once again, we have the completely ridiculous situation where the U-21s don’t have a league game for well over a month. That’s a first team that will likely start more games this season with more players from Southampton than their own youth system.

Louis van Gaal, left, and Ed Woodward have focussed their attentions on rebuilding Manchester United’s first team.

The success of output from any youth system is cyclical and Gary Neville, who was part of United’s famous Class of ’92, doesn’t think we’ll see a repeat of his generation.

“However clubs like Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester United are the ones set up to repeat it if it is going to happen.”

The ESPN FC panel discuss Manchester United’s squad being the third most expensive one in Europe and they still don’t look like a threatening team. City were so strong that one observer said they would have still won with ease had United been at full strength.

Andy Mitten is a freelance writer and the founder and editor of United We Stand. They’d like more, and coaches are not even all that expensive but it would mean a significant change in the way United do things.

“In England, fewer and fewer players are coming through to play first-team football because the result is more important and coaches are losing their jobs too quickly. Another promising youth player, James Wilson, was linked with a loan move while defender Tyler Blackett went on loan to Celtic. With fellow former youth-system graduates Tom Cleverley, Ben Amos, Jonny Evans, Tom Thorpe, Reece James and Saidy Janko all departing in the transfer window, United’s first-team youth talent is looking thinner than ever. Kids and parents will become more aware of this.

The staff at United are aware of what is happening with City and they still feel in control of who leaves United. “And don’t forget there were others who had good professional careers.

At City, there is too much pressure on their coaches to get good match results; similar to a pressure on a school to achieve Ofsted results. They’re reluctant to take the risk for a player who is unlikely to be consistent right at the start and may need gradually bringing into the team.”

After finding opportunities hard to come by under Louis van Gaal, Adnan Januzaj has joined Borussia Dortmund on loan.

Moyes gave Adnan Januzaj a United debut in 2013, but the Belgian was recently allowed to go on loan to Borussia Dortmund. This means that they can forsake what’s best for the individual and instead go for the short-term gains of match results, but youth football should be about developing players in an environment which they enjoy, improve their skills and which helps them become professional players. That system will get more attention this week in the light of the 9-0 win. United’s under-14s did have a game this weekend, one they’d rather forget.

Deputy vice-chairman Ed Woodward and first-team manager Louis van Gaal are both fully aware that United’s youth system is no longer the best around. On another, it can act as an indicator for the problems with United’s youth system, which I wrote about in July.

In the month that followed, the feedback was significant from coaches, parents, officials, players, agents and former players. They opened the season on Aug

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We at encourage you to purchase the small sampler size of these more expensive products and give them a try. How can these products possibly be worth this kind of money you may wonder. Infused with African Cacao Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Caviar Age-Control Complex, Photozyme Complex with Color Hold, White Truffle Oil, Champagne Grape Seed Oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose, Arabian Frankincense, Moroccan Quillaia Bark, and Arnica Flower, Alterna fulfills its commitment to create products that deliver results and not promises.” Quoted from

Just as the wine industry has its mass produced, less expensive Wine In A Box, it also offers fine quality wines that can be thousands of dollars a bottle. I’ve read that one of the reasons that low priced drugstore Hair Care Products are so affordable is the quantity of water you are buying. Hair stays healthier, stronger and shinier than ever before possible.” Quoted from

Since it’s inception, Alterna Professional Haircare has been committed to the continual research and development of progressive, results-oriented hair care technologies.

In a world where Vidal Sassoon once reigned supreme with his “Outrageously Expensive” $4.00 a bottle shampoo, we now see products that cost upwards of $50 for the same 8 ounce size. Pureology Nanoworks and Alterna Ten are what they are for a reason.

“The proof is in the puddin'” as they say. Whether this is in fact true or not I have no idea.

Alterna, on the other hand “brings you the Science of Ten, the perfect fusion of ten key elements from around the globe to transform any hair from ordinary to extraordinary.

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These manufacturers have gone to extreme lengths to create the most remarkable products to protect your hair from environmental damage, augment the life of your chemically processes, and keep your hair lustrous, healthy and manageable.. Now, I have no proof of this and it may very well be urban legend, but what I have witnessed over my tenure as a designer is that there is an obvious difference in viscosity between drugstore brands and professional products. Nano Technology helps formulas to instinctively target where repair is needed while moisturizing, conditioning, reducing drying time and offering both thermal and colour protection. Go down to your local Walgreen’s, dig around the Suave, Fructis, and other generic budget oriented products and see if there is any representation of either Nano Technology (molecules that are one billionth of a meter in size) or any of the above listed ingredients from Alterna. From Kia to Mercedes, it all boils down to the old axiom “You Get What You Pay For”

So there you have it. By contrast there is a burgeoning boutique brew industry that offers an immense array of fine micro’s that are wonderful, but terribly expensive by comparison. 28 years in the salon industry has brought many changes through my world.

The Pureology Nanoworks retails for $50 for the 10.1-ounce size ($5 per ounce) while the Alterna Ten retails for $60 for the 8.5-ounce size ($7.00 per ounce) or 40% more expensive than the already pricey Nanoworks. Find anything? I didn’t think so. You will use less product and it will last you much longer – so it’s up to you to discern the concept of “Value.” Your hair will thank you and you will be delighted with the results.

Pureology boasts “Nano Technology – The science of creating new materials out of single atoms and molecules that enables ingredients to more easily penetrate the hair shaft to deliver health, vitality and vibrancy. The beer industry has its mass produced, mainstream beer that though wildly popular, is barely palatable. I present to you this challenge. The automobile industry no different

Famous Soccer Players from Spain

Iker Casillas is the most capped player ever for the Spanish National team.

Victor Valdes

Sergio Busquets

ClubsReal Madrid (1995 – 2010) Besiktas (2010 – 2011) National TeamU18 (1995) U21 (1996 – 1998) Spain (1999 – 2005)


Jos Mara Gutirrez Hernndez was with Real Madrid for 1 decade, and helped them win 15 major trophies. He has been lucky enough to play for Spain in 3 major tournaments, the FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012, all of which they have won.

A few more notable mentions:

Emilio Butragueo

Juan Mata

Position: Goalkeeper

Born: Nov 25, 1981

Position: Defensive Midfielder

ClubsBarcelona (1999 – present) National TeamU18 (1995) U21 (2000) U23 (2000) Spain (2000 – present)


Carles Puyol i Saforcada is well-known as a defender who is strong, explosive, and with the quickest reactions. He has been a part of the national team at the FIFA World Cup 2006, FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2004, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012. Santi Cazorla has been part of the winning Spanish team at Euro 2008 and Euro 2012.

Born: Mar 20, 1984

Position: Center Back

Born: Mar 30, 1986

Pep Guardiola

Pepe Reina

Born: Feb 2, 1987

ClubsReal Sociedad (1999 – 2004) Eibar loan (2000 – 2001) Liverpool (2004 – 2009) Real Madrid (2009 – present) National TeamU18 (2000) U21 (2002 – 2003) Spain (2003 – present)


Xabier ‘Xabi’ Alonso Olano is well-known for his playmaking skills. Besides all the club success that he has enjoyed, David Silva has also been an important member of the Spanish National team that won the FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012.

Born: May 8, 1970

Born: Jan 17, 1983

Jordi Alba

Born: Apr 13, 1978

Position: Midfielder / Striker

Born: May 20, 1981

Andoni Zubizarreta

Sergio Ramos

ClubsReal Madrid (1999 – present) National Team U15 (1996) U16 (1996 – 1998) U17 (1997 – 1999) U18 (1999) U20 (1999) U21 (1999 – 2000) Spain (2000 – present)


Iker Casillas Fernndez is the goalkeeper cum captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish National team. Besides his position, he is known to play well on the right defense too. Since 2008, Spain have managed to win 1 World Cup and 2 Euro Championships. He won the ‘Golden Glove’ award at the FIFA World Cup 2010. Sergio Ramos has played for Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2006, FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012.

Born: May 4, 1987

David Villa

Position: Central Defender

Spanish Armada

Spain’s recent domination of world soccer is so great, that it has managed to win Euro 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010, and Euro 2012, a feat unmatched by any country.Spain has a rich history of soccer. He is also feared for his sudden change of gameplay. He is also widely respected for his hardworking style and leadership qualities. But when they did, it was a sweet treble. He has been a part of the team that won the FIFA World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.

ClubsAtltico Madrid (2001 – 2007) Liverpool (2007 – 2011) Chelsea (2011 – present) National Team U15 (2000) U16 (2001) U17 (2001) U18 (2002) U19 (2002) U21 (2002 – 2003) Spain (2003 – present)


Fernando Jos Torres Sanz is known to be technically proficient, and having spectacular speed and positioning capabilities. He was the top goal scorer at Euro 2008, and was also awarded the ‘Silver Boot’ at the FIFA World Cup 2010. He is famous for setting up the winning goal in the FIFA World Cup 2010 final, and as also been part of the Spanish National team in the FIFA World Cup 2006, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012.

ClubsBarcelona (1998 – present) National TeamU17 (1997) U18 (1997 – 1998) U20 (1999) U21 (1998 – 2001) U23 (2000) Spain (2000 – present)


Xavier Hernndez i Creus is the first player to ever represent FC Barcelona in 150 games. Their style of play is superstar-like, and the stars from this country are role models for millions of soccer fans all around the world. He was known to have great stamina, and was very tactical, versatile, and had great vision. Ironically, with so many great players in their ranks over the years, they failed to win a major tournament for so long. In terms of awards, he is the most successful Spanish player ever.

Fernando Torres

ClubsValladolid (1987 – 1989) Real Madrid (1989 – 2003) Al Rayyan (2003 – 2004) Bolton Wanderers (2004 – 2005) National TeamU21 (1989 – 1990) Spain (1989 – 2002)


Though Fernando Ruiz Hierro was more of a defensive midfielder, he had this great quality of combining his defensive play with some amazing passing and goal scoring ability. In fact, he scored in Spain’s victories in the finals, both at Euro 2008 and Euro 2012.

Position: Defensive Midfielder

ClubsBarcelona (2002 – present) National TeamU15 (2000) U16 (2000 – 2001) U17 (2001) U19 (2001 – 2002) U20 (2003) U21 (2003 – 2006) Spain (2006 – present)


Andrs Iniesta Lujn is known for his balance, ball control, and superb agility. He has been an integral part of the Spanish National team for over a decade, representing them in the FIFA World Cup 2006, FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2004, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012.

ClubsRiver Plate (1945 – 1951) Huracn loan (1946) Millonarios (1951 – 1953) Real Madrid (1953 – 1964) RCD Espanyol (1964 – 1966) National TeamArgentina (1947) Colombia (1949) Spain (1957 – 1961)


Alfredo Stfano di Stfano Laulh has the unique distinction of representing 3 different countriesArgentina, Colombia, and Spain. And it is without doubt that in the coming years, we will see many more greats emerge from this sporting nation.

ClubsReal Madrid (1994 – 2010) Schalke 04 (2010 – 2012) Al Sadd (2012 – present) National TeamU18 (1994) U20 (1995) U21 (1995 – 1996) U23 (1996) Spain (1996 – 2006)


Ral Gonzlez Blanco is the highest goal scorer for Real Madrid of all time, with 323 goals to his name. Luis Enrique represented Spain in 3 FIFA World Cups and 1 Euro Championship.

Iker Casillas

Born: May 11, 1984

Santi Cazorla

Position: Central Midfielder

ClubsSevilla (2004 – 2005) Real Madrid (2005 – present) National TeamU17 (2002) U19 (2004) U21 (2004) Spain (2005 – present)


Sergio Ramos Garca has been am important part of the defense of both, Real Madrid and the Spanish National team for nearly a decade. He is considered to be one of the greatest midfielders and playmakers of our time. Under his leadership, Spain has won the FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012. Initially, he began as a striker, but then eventually settled down in the midfield, where he showed his class for the club and also the country.

Position: Central Midfielder

Born: Oct 23, 1961

Position: Striker

Carles Puyol

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Gerard Piqu

ClubsSporting Gijn (2001 – 2003) Zaragoza (2003 – 2005) Valencia (2005 – 2010) Barcelona (2010 – 2013) Atltico Madrid (2013 – present) National TeamU21 (2000 – 2003) Spain (2005 – present)


David Villa Snchez is the first Spanish player to score 50 international goals, and is currently Spain’s top goal scorer of all time. Xavi has been part of the Spanish National team which won the FIFA World Cup 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012. Alfredo di Stfano was nicknamed ‘blond arrow’, and considered by most of the soccer greats as ‘the most complete footballer in the history of the game’.

ClubsArsenal (2003 – 2011) Barcelona (2011 – present) National TeamU16 (2002 – 2003) U17 (2003 – 2004) U20 (2005) U21 (2004 – 2005) Spain (2006 – present)


Francesc ‘Cesc’ Fbregas Soler, besides playing as a central midfielder for his club and country, when required, also plays as a winger, attacking midfielder, and striker. Position: Central Midfielder

All these famous soccer players from Spain have, with their talent and hard work, helped both, their country and clubs win at the highest levels. David Villa has also scored more World Cup goals than any other Spanish player.

Luis Enrique

Position: Attacking Midfielder


Marc Bartra

ClubsBarcelona (2008 – present) National TeamU21 (2008 – 2009) Spain (2009 – present)


Sergio Busquets Burgos took less than a year to break into the ranks of the Spanish National team after making his professional debut. Over the last decade or so, some amazing players have come up into their ranks, which is why they are the side to beat at present.

There have been many famous Spanish football players over the decades, and here, we will check out those who stood out among the rest.

Fernando Hierro

Andrs Iniesta

ClubsAlavs (1980 – 1981) Athletic Bilbao (1981 – 1986) Barcelona (1986 – 1994) Valencia (1994 – 1998) National TeamU18 (1979 – 1980) U19 (1981) U21 (1979 – 1984) Spain (1985 – 1998)


Andoni Zubizarreta held the record for the most games played for Spain till the end of 2011. In fact, he was the Player of the Tournament at Euro 2008. Ral has also been included in FIFA’s list of 100 greatest living footballers.

Position: Full Back

Born: Jul 16, 1988

Cesc Fbregas

Born: Dec 13, 1984

David Silva

Ral Gonzlez

ClubsReal Madrid (2004 – 2005) Deportivo La Corua (2006 – 2007) Liverpool (2007 – 2009) Real Madrid (2009 – present) National TeamU17 (2001) U19 (2001) U21 (2005) Spain (2008 – present)


lvaro Arbeloa Coca plays in the defense, and is more than capable on playing both, on the right and left side at the back. His 741 appearances is also the most by any player for the club. He has been a part of Spain’s victories at FIFA 2010, Euro 2008, and Euro 2012. He is the only player to have won UEFA’s ‘Best Forward of the Year’ three times. Iniesta scored the winning goal for Spain at the FIFA World Cup 2010, and was Man of the Match. He has been an important part of the defense of the Spanish National team, who are known to be very difficult to score against, and played in the FIFA 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012, which Spain won.. His goalkeeping skills were considered so good, that he was an integral part of the Spanish National team for 4 FIFA World Cups and 3 Euro Championships.

Born: Mar 23, 1968

Xabi Alonso

Lived: Jul 4, 1926 – Jul 7, 2014

ClubsValencia (2004 – 2010) Eibar loan (2004 – 2005) Celta Vigo loan (2005 – 2006) Manchester City (2010 – present) National TeamU16 (2001 – 2002) U17 (2002 – 2003) U19 (2004 – 2005) U20 (2005) U21 (2004 – 2006) Spain (2006 – present)


David Josu Jimnez Silva has been given the nickname ‘Merlin’ for his passing and ball possession skills. He was also respected for his calmness and stamina. Also, in Euro 2012, he was chosen the Best Player of the Tournament.

Born: Jan 25, 1980

Born: Oct 31, 1976

Born: Jun 27, 1977

Position: Goalkeeper

Alfredo di Stfano

Mikel Arteta

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Position: Striker

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Position: Central Defender

ClubsVillarreal (2003 – 2006) Recreativo (2006 – 2007) Villarreal (2007 – 2011) Mlaga (2011 – 2012) Arsenal (2012 – present) National TeamU21 (2004 – 2006) Spain (2008 – present)


Santiago ‘Santi’ Cazorla Gonzlez is known to play well on either flank due to his control, speed, and shooting accuracy. His transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea in 2011, for 50 million, made him the most expensive Spanish player ever. Carles Puyol was a vital part of the winning Spanish team in Euro 2008 and FIFA World Cup 2010.

Alvaro Negredo

Born: Jan 8, 1986

Position: Striker

ClubsSporting Gijn (1989 – 1991) Real Madrid (1991 – 1996) Barcelona (1996 – 2004) National TeamU21 (1990 – 1991) U23 (1991 – 1992) Spain (1991 – 2002)


Luis Enrique Martnez Garca was such a versatile soccer player, that throughout his career he played in all positions besides the defense. He played for Spain in 4 FIFA World Cups and 2 Euro Championships, besides his long stint with Real Madrid which lasted nearly 15 years.

lvaro Arbeloa

Jesus Navas

Position: Forward

Position: Defensive Midfielder

Born: Dec 3, 1981

Xavi Hernndez

ClubsManchester United (2004 – 2008) Zaragoza loan (2006 – 2007) Barcelona (2008 – present) National TeamU16 (2002 – 2003) U17 (2004) U19 (2006) U20 (2007) U21 (2006 – 2008) Spain (2009 – present)


Gerard Piqu i Bernabeu has been and is associated with the best clubs in the businessManchester United and Barcelona

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So you have a very wide choice of furnished apartments in Montreal. The apartments are accessible through elevators. Dining area is separated out from the kitchen. there are apartments that will provide you with all the comforts of your home without you having to bother its furnishings and amenities. The Lodge Montreal website is very informative. They are not full service apartments available in other cities but considering the price these apartments are self sufficient and excellent choice for short or temporary visit to the city. Their monthly rent varies from $1,020.00 to $1,140.00.a cleaning fee of $ 460.00 is charged and minimum stay period is thirty days.

Additional facilities:

Layout of each furnished apartment in Montreal in this category is different. The apartments are fully equipped and come with services like Jacuzzi, gym and sauna access. Their standard studio apartments are equipped with bathtub, shower, microwave, fridge and freezer. Their tips on furnished apartments in Montreal are really helpful. They may consist of Double bed, or may consist of queen size bed. The bathrooms are equipped with shower facilities and linens.

So next time in Montreal on a long vacation or extended business stay, visit these websites for Montreal furnished apartments.

* Internet facilities are available on separate terms & conditions.

* Cable TV

* CD & DVD players.

* Telephone facility with local calls (free)

* Breakfast utilities like toaster, coffee maker and Microwave.

* Hair Dryer is installed in bathrooms and ironing board and iron are also provided.

* Community laundry facility is also available.

* In addition maid service is available at extra cost.

Montreal furnished apartments are designed to create a feeling of home away from home. Personal touches have been incorporated in each of them. They offer a wide range of furnished apartments. There are various sites you can log onto in order to find furnished apartments in Montreal.

Sites like are of great help. They claim to be the leaders in furnished apartments. Their apartments are equipped to cater to the needs of students, holidaymakers, businessmen etc. . If you are planning a trip to Montreal, one thing that you do not really have to worry about is finding a proper place to stay in. Free tips on neighborhood, restaurants, places of tourist interest etc. Now there are certain things that are prohibited, namely smoking pets and parties. There are hundreds to choose from irrespective of whether you are looking for a vacation home or a temporary accommodation or a short-term arrangement. are all available on this site to make choosing easier. A stay in a hotel for this duration will cost a packet.

Another helpful site is