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House Fails to Ban Internet Gambling

Internet service providers areexempt from criminal penalties, provided they obey law enforcementdirectives to cut off customer access to gambling sites.

The Associated Press and ABCNews’ Dean Norland contributed to this story.

. Just like child pornographyhas to be dealt with on the Internet, so does unregulated,out-of-control, illegal gambling.

Critics, including the Justice Department, said the bill would haveactually helped the pari-mutuel industry reach bettors who could nototherwise wager. Bobby Scott, D-Va.,who opposed the bill as ineffective.

Federal prosecutors already have prosecuted some Internetgambling operations using the 1961 Wire Communications Act, whichwas written to cover sports betting via telephone.

The bill originally contained penalties for individual bettorsas well, but they were removed. Lobbyists for horse racing, dog racing and jaialai got exemptions inserted in the bill.

House leaders brought the bill to the floor under rulesprohibiting amendments, limiting debate to 40 minutes and requiringa two-thirds majority for passage.

Casinos, Sports Leagues Favor Bill

Nearly 700 Internet sites offer online gambling, a businessexpected to grow from $1.1 billion in 1999 to $3 billion in 2002,according to a recent report for the online gambling industry.

The bill would prohibit anyone who runs a gambling business toplace or receive an online wager. Businesses that offer onlinegambling could be fined at least $20,000 and their principals sentto jail for up to four years.

Goodlatte attempted to address critics concerns last week byadding language specifying that the bill is not intended to permitactivities that now are illegal.

Other critics said the bill would infringe on states rights byprohibiting state lotteries from offering at-home sales of ticketsover the Internet.

The commercial casino industry and major sports leaguessupported the bill, as did the National Association of AttorneysGeneral and some conservative social groups including the ChristianCoalition.

Tom Grey, executive director of the National Coalition AgainstLegalized Gambling, said his group decided the benefit of crackingdown on virtual casinos outweighed the risk of boosting the racingindustry.

Wasnt a Royal Flush for Us

To use the parlance, this wasnt a royal flush for us, but itwas a winning hand, Grey said.

Opponents include the conservative Traditional Values Coalitionas well as computer industry groups that do not want to seeInternet regulation.

The Interactive Gaming Council, which represents Internetbetting sites, advocated legalizing and taxing Internet gamblingrather than prohibiting it.

The choice to Congress is simple: They can start down the roadof Internet regulation, picking winners and losers in markets andtrampling on individual freedoms, or they can leave the Internet asa haven for individual freedom, the groups chairman, SueSchneider, said in a statement earlier today.

The Senate approved similar legislation sponsored by Sen. JonKyl, R-Ariz., in November.

Enforcement of the Internet gambling ban would be challenging,because most of the outlets are based outside the United States.

If you go offshore, the federal government has no authority toclose those particular Web sites, said Rep. before the vote. Robert Goodlatte, R-Va. A bill to ban cybercasinos to curb the proliferation ofInternet sites offering casino games and sports betting to everyonewith a credit card and a computer failed in a vote by the House late today.

Representatives voted 245-159 against the ban which would have curbed such practices regardless of where a person lived.

A total of about 270 votes was needed for passage of the bill.

One way to promote the Internet is to make sure that the seamyside of life is dealt with on the Internet, said the billssponsor, Rep

Bet Agent – Quality Sports Betting Suggestions Review

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Kinect Sports game titles comprises of half-dozen game titles which includes Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Monitor & Area, Bowling, Desk Tennis and Boxing. New stuff will be unlocked as you levels up

Pit-bulls should be loved not feared

My dearest friend is a dog breeder and me,always wanted to own a dog. This repute wouldnt even exist if the breeders and owners will be kind enough to treat their dogs right. But nonetheless, the principle of these two games is just the same; the gamblers enjoy watching two animals brutally killing each other to save their own lives. However, our duties with the puppies dont stop there; we decided to pay a visit the remaining puppies. The show type pit bulls are the ones considered behave and lovable, breeders to breeder talk. They were raised in a dark vast place, a cage enough to contain their body. When he heard about pit bull puppies being sold, he asks me to buy one. Well this division is just made solely by the breeders that will separate the dogs from two areas according to how they were raised.

This pit bull line is the ones feared while actually they should be the one getting tender loving care just because they dont experience one. With this kind of programs, animal cruelty can be prevented.. Just like cock-fight, a dog fight is also considered as blood sport where two animals are put inside an arena and fight until the other one dies. I know they also have feelings like us, they know how to care and love; they return the favor. The truth isI prefer toy dogs over guard and big dogs. Dogs that are severely injured dont even get the right to go to a veterinarian because the breeders are afraid of getting caught and ending up in jail.

Feed them is what I do

I am a dog lover

Imagine the subdivision of man in a society; the elites who go to someelegant parties and lower class who fights with their might to be able to eat. You may be wondering why bulldogs came across this. They are the ones who get to be pampered and all. In some parts of America, the American bulldogs are also considered pit bulls. When I saw the dam (mother of the puppies) it was so thin that it makes me pity her. The puppies even get thinner and looked malnourished so we decided not to wait for some more days; we offered to just get the puppies and have them injected to prevent viral infections. In reality, these dogs are sweet! Theyre too playful and will even kiss your face when theyre happy. But anyhow, I bet majority of the people thinks theyre frightening.

Show type pit bull

Fighting line pit bulls

This kind of game is actually considered as another form of human crimes against animals. Any dog that is considered champion and can still fight wins the prize of his life, the other dog who can no longer fight suffer the consequence of dying. They were so cute that everyone gets to love these cute little puppies. They build reputation through dog shows by showing their talents and skills or by merely stocking (posing in the show).

The notion that pit bulls are fierce and vicious made a bad reputation for these dogs. Dog fighting started thousands of years ago, yet until now, people still doesnt recognize the value of life, either human or animal life.

This is a poem I made that I have posted on one of my blogs. When breeding, I believe it is and will always be the responsibility of the breeder to keep the puppies safe by getting them at their first vaccine and deworming to make them healthy and boost their energy; and thats what the owner didnt do.

Pit bull

Its sad how these dogs get to be treated just like that. Animals, like people do have rights too but I dont think its comprehensible with those kinds of people who plays with these animals lives. I pity these dogs as I pity those who think pit bulls are too dangerous animals. To our surprise, only three were left, the others die. I can say this because I felt it with them. Just like humans, these dogs also are receiving societal standards that are not even reasonable. She gave birth to 10 puppies, half of them not so healthy. Ive read several articles that say pit bulls should be feared; poor dogs and much poorer human mentality. I suddenly thought about my dog, he is named after the brave chameleon Durango, later on Rango. Just like what I’ve said a while back, pit bull isn’t really a breed that describes a certain race of dog, but in a broader world, they are divided into two. But this friend of mine has always been an animal lover (he even dreams of becoming a veterinarian) and had a pit bull way back then. Wow! Now I believe breeders or us human are the ones frightening, arent we?

In some countries that I personally know like the Philippines, organizations like PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) rescues animals. Just like what the pictures says, bad dogs are not born, they are raised by their owners; treat your dogs or pets good and theyll return the favor while they are living.

Clean them is another duty to attend to

Dog fight a form of gambling

Walk with them a day or two

Dog fighting is another gambling sport involving animals. We decided to take the two but waited for some more days for them to stay with their mother. Before any fight starts, all the gamblers place their bets on different sides, whichever they feel like betting in. They adopt and let other pet lovers also adopt animals that they like. We went to the breeder and check the puppies. Breeders of the fighting line believe that their dogs will be fiercer and violent if they wont be able to see light often and of course other people and other dogs. They kill their own race to save their own lives. And they shall walk a lifetime with you

Pit bull is actually a term used to describe different dog breeds that crosses the American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire, and yes, American bulldogs. But as we visit the puppies whenever we have a free time, we noticed that the owner doesnt really know what hes doing, and then later on admitted that its his first time to breed. We took the two puppies and brought them directly in a pet clinic. So when it comes to the fight itself, their goal is to attack and kill the enemy, which is another dog thats trained in the dark. Anyone who walks with them always feels safe because they wont let anyone hurt their friend/owner/breeder; theyre just loyal. Cockfighting is a common gambling sport in the Philippines; also known as sabong. Some would even say that they didnt know pit bulls would be that cute and lovable

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

Again And Again - Guaranteed!

The fact is this information is priceless and is unheard of by most investors, let alone the general public. Let me repeat this – you will be placing sports bets in such a way that no matter what the outcome, you are guaranteed to profit, because you will be betting on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers so that no matter the result, you will get a guaranteed and risk free profit.

There is simply nothing else like it in the world – we already know that the arbitrage technique has been used by banks and global traders for centuries – that’s great for them – but what about you?

Did you know that there are now several thousands of online bookmakers all over the world? Everyday, in every country more and more continue to spring up (because lets face it betting is a huge industry with bookmakers keen to take the money of millions of hungry gamblers). I mean “free money” is pretty much what we’re talking about right? It’s all a scam isn’t it because we all know there is no such thing? Well actually no – stick around for a few minutes and I’ll prove to you without a shadow of doubt that not only is this ”secret” (actually it’s an investment technique) very genuine, but a lot of individuals are using it to make tens, hundreds and even thousands of dollars/pounds/yen etc…every single day.

It’s so simple that even a seven year old could understand it. There are literally thousands of these “Profit Loopholes” every single day, each paying between 3% & 90% on your investment - 100% risk free & guaranteed!

It could change your life!

3. Betting is a very risky thing to do – sure a handful of few people may win at it but on the whole most people will always lose in the long term. Isn’t it better to use this amazing technique now rather than later?

The simple little method that you’re going to learn about is called “sports betting arbitrage” – an explosively profitable internet loophole that can be used by absolutely anyone with an internet connection & PC to make anywhere from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars a day. Make money from day one with no requirement of any prior knowledge or further reading. Use this incredible but simple investment technique to earn money for you everyday for as long as the internet is around, regardless of the economic climate or where you happen to live. You can use this method in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe…anywhere with an internet connection and PC. Before continuing let me make one thing absolutely clear – this is in no way a form of betting or gambling. You can even do this from your beach house while sipping on a martini and enjoying the cool sea breeze on your face.

2. But the best thing is that not only is it 100% legal – but it can never be stopped and the number of opportunities that exist everyday are growing with the internet. I have just shared with you an incredibly powerful formula to tap into a huge stream of wealth whenever you like – every single day. The second is that you cannot possibly ever lose using the almost embarrassingly easy one-step technique that you’re going to discover.

Kind regards,

Well the internet has thrown up a once-in-a-generation opportunity for just about anyone with an internet connection and PC to make heaps of cash every day by doing exactly the same thing. It is the power of the internet that also gives you the chance to use arbitrage every day to make a lot of money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Does it surprise you that some people actually do this full time? It’s their work-from-home “J-O-B”! Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a living just by logging onto a couple of bookmakers, placing a few “sure bets” and walking away a few hours later with a guaranteed profit? You see, with sports arbitrage you’re taking advantage of the price differences that exist by betting on opposite sides of the same sporting event – so no matter who wins/loses/draws, you are guaranteed to come away with a risk free and guaranteed profit – every single time.

We’re now getting to the real interesting part. You will literally be able to switch on your PC, visit a website that shows you today’s guaranteed returns, place your guaranteed risk free investment and collect your profits a couple of hours later.

Get more information at

It is not betting or investing – it is a mathematical certainty brought about by the internet that you can use to make free money everyday – for the rest of your life.

This article was posted on March 24, 2006

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Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

by: Ray Fearnley

You Are About To Discover How To Get A Risk Free Return Of Between 3% and 90% In Just 2 Hours. You need no knowledge of any sporting events at all – you’re effectively discovering how you can bet on both sides of a sporting event so no matter who wins, you’re guaranteed a definite fixed return on your investment.

Ray Fearnley

Perhaps you’re concerned that it’s not legal? Let me assure you, this simple little method is perfectly legal – in fact huge investment banks listed in the stock exchanges that you probably own shares in use this exact same method every single day to sweep in millions of dollars for themselves. Apply the knowledge of arbitrage to hundreds of sporting events to make money, completely risk free and guaranteed. He believes the Internet gives ordinary people the opportunity to make extra-ordinary income working from home. I said earlier that there is nothing else quite like it in the world – that’s because this loophole/internet opportunity (call it what you like) is the only investment technique I have ever seen that makes a guaranteed, risk free profit in a few hours time without any chance of a loss. I went with the above example because it is the lowest paying kind of arbitrage opportunity – I wanted to be conservative – but there are numerous arbitrage opportunities paying out 3%, 15%, 20% and more every single day.

But it gets even better you see, because this simple but money generating technique can never be monitored or regulated. That’s very good news for us and I’ll explain more on this shortly. . A return of 3.58% within under 2 hours (this is a very conservative example). This is not gambling. Arbitrage is zero risk and guaranteed profits – it is a high paying, very short term (a couple of hours) investment that will ALWAYS result in you walking away with a certain profit. This is also the reason that it’s perfectly legal to profit from them, why they can never be closed down and why the opportunities will continue to grow explosively over the next few decades.

Are you ready now to learn and apply this incredibly simple technique to start earning money every day? Remember that you need no specialist knowledge on anything. So what about the guaranteed returns that you can expect on each investment? Well in general arbitrage opportunities will usually return anywhere between 3% and 15% on your investment (this is just a general guide however – arbitrage opportunities that pay 30%, 70% or even over 100% do exist and you will come by them sometimes – just not very often).

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter – you must be quite curious right about now, but I bet very suspicious too. What you will need is a PC and internet connection and of course my powerful package which shows you step by step how to start earning immediately with sports betting arbitrage – and gives you a powerful website which spoon feeds you the best daily arbitrages – in real time. You can also do this from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of your own home.

Hopefully you are now starting to understand the potential of arbitrage trading. It’s not even investing strictly speaking because with all of these things it’s possible that you can make a loss – but with sports arbitrage there is no possible chance of you ever losing – you know the exact profit you are going to make before the sporting event even kicks off. The key to the huge and regular arbitrage profits you’re going to be making by tonight is this – “there are huge differences in the opinions of bookmakers over the world, leading to a huge difference in how they price the same sporting event.”

I have put together a package so you could actually be enjoying your first profits in just a few hours from now because you’ll actually receive free lifetime access to a website that gives a list of all available arbitrage opportunities everyday, and in realtime! This is a bonus that is almost priceless because it will help you harvest incredible profits every single day – for the rest of your life. It was a mathematical certainty. As the number of online bookies has seriously increased over the last couple of years so the number of highly profitable arbitrage opportunities have exploded. Before continuing to read just remember two things. Most of these bets take under 5 minutes to place online, and after the sporting event has finished you simply collect your profits and move on to the next arbitrage opportunity.

Now I’m going to prove it!

Before moving on are you worried that just because “arbitrage” is used by financial institutions that it will be somehow complex, difficult or require mathematical or specialist knowledge of some kind? Well let me tell you that this technique is so outrageously simple that even a 7 year old could understand it and use the one-step technique you’re about to learn to make piles of cash – from day one. That’s quite a claim but from the actual proof that you’re going to read below you’ll see why this is no exaggeration – there are literally hundreds of opportunities every single day for you to apply this technique and make as much free cash as you want. It is the power of the internet that has brought this to your attention. It is not trading. Can you think of any other method in the world that offers such a return?

You’re going to be applying the concept of arbitrage to the world of online sports betting. At 3/1 the total amount to invest in Clijsters to return $100 was $25.


This explosively profitable little known secret that has been used by banks for centuries is now available to you thanks to the power of the Internet!

This is exactly how arbitrage opportunities are born. How much is that actually worth? I’m not sure I can even put a dollar value on it.

Now 3.58% may seem like a small return but remember that it was totally certain, risk free, took only 2 hours to achieve and there was never a possibility of ever losing the money or not getting the profit. Make no mistake, there are people just like you who are making a huge monthly income (others use it as a nice little stress free, part time earner) from this wonderful little concept. With this Sports Betting Arbitrage Package you’ll learn how to:

This means that the total investment required to return $100 - whichever player wins – is just $96.42. It can never be closed down (you’ll see exactly why in a minute) and as the internet grows (believe me, we’ve only seen the very tip of the internet iceberg to now) the opportunities to earn sure, risk-free money from this simple strategy will multiply by hundreds of times. Victor Chandler saw Davenport to win at odds of 2/5 while Tote saw Clijsters at 3/1.

You stumble across knowledge such as this perhaps once in a lifetime which, if applied, will give you an excellent daily income for life with minimal effort – this, like arbitrage itself is simply a mathematical certainty. It is NOT betting.

During Wimbledon 2001 the ladies singles match between Lindsay Davenport and Kim Clijsters was priced differently by bookies Victor Chandler and Tote. First, you need absolutely no knowledge either of investment arbitrage or sporting events to make a certain, 100% guaranteed profit every day with this simple technique. It’s not only so simple that a child could understand, but it’s 100% legitimate and tax free (although please remember tax laws vary from country to country and over time.)

Rayzee has had an Internet presence since 1996 and specialises in thinking “outside of the box”. As you read on you’re going to discover rock-solid proof, not only on exactly how well this perfectly simple technique works, but also how it has the potential to effortlessly make you a lot of money, everyday, for just a few minutes of work.

At 2/5 the total amount to invest in Davenport to return $100 was $71.42. Can you see how this is guaranteed and risk free money? Absolutely anyone, if they knew about this could have made 3.58%, totally risk free on an amount of however much money they wanted to invest.

As we saw above there are so many opportunities that come up it would be impossible to invest in all of them – the strategy is obviously to cherry pick the highest paying ones every day.


The Sinking of the Titanic Video

Titan Peeler

To slice, peel, shred and garnish like a professional chef, you don’t need secret cordon bleu training at the finest cooking schools around. Not when you could have a handy new stainless steel peeler like the Titan Peeler right in your own kitchen….

TITANIC ‘still lives’

A pictorial review about the famous “Titanic Museum” in Branson town, Missouri, USA … which is dubbed as the largest museum of its kind’ ! By seeing it all may agree, not that it’s the largest in size, but in terms of perfect visual presentation of the legendary ocean liner, which now rests in peace at the bottom of Atlantic….

How to watch Grammys 2016 live stream online, TV time, nominees & winners odds

He’s also one shy of Michael Jackson’s all-time nominations record of 12 for one Grammy Awards show. ET. In Song of the Year, it’s “Blank Space” leading the way at -150, followed by Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” at +200 odds.. In the Best New Artist category, it’s Meghan Trainor at -125 followed by James Bay at +200 and Sam Hunt at +500. Sunday night’s Grammys 2016 awards show is scheduled for 8 p.m. The Record of the Year which is pretty much another song of the year type award will have “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars squaring off against “See You Again,” “Bad Blood” by Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar, “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and “Ship to Wreck” by Florence & The Machine.

Viewers will watch Grammys 2016 live stream online and televised coverage on Monday night, making for the first time in the history of the show that it’s been presented on this particular day of the week. Eastern Time, with a Red Carpet special taking place at 7 p.m. To watch the Grammys live streaming online, CBS All-Access subscribers can log in and view the feed. The West coast rap star has a total of 11 nominations which has earned him the distinction of being the most-nominated hip hop star in the history of the awards, besting Eminem. Taylor Swift and The Weeknd will also be vying against Lamar in the Album of the Year category, as well as to see if they might pick up the most hardware on the night. Record of the Year seems like a heavier favorite as “Uptown Funk” has -500 odds to win followed by “Blank Space” and “Can’t Feel My Face” both at +600. 15 that Taylor Swift and The Weeknd each had seven nominations for tonight’s awards, tying them for second on the list behind Kendrick Lamar. Among those competing for top prizes on the night are the most-nominated artist of all, hip hop star Kendrick Lamar, who has 11 total nominations. The show takes advantage of the Presidents Day holiday, without competing against events such as the NBA All-Star Game, which took place Sunday evening. Among Lamar’s nominations are the Album of the Year and Hip Hop Album of the Year for “To Pimp a Butterfly,” Song of the Year for “Alright,” and Best Dance Recording, as he was featured on the Flying Lotus “Never Catch Me” track.

Bovada.LV online sportsbook currently has Swift as the -250 favorite to win Album of the Year, with Kendrick Lamar at +300 and Alabama Shakes at +700. To watch the Grammys on live TV, viewers can view their local CBS channel. Those who aren’t currently subscribers can sign up for a free CBS All-Access one week trial. It will require entering one’s name and email as well as a valid credit card in order to sign up for the week, and after that week the account will cost $5.99 per month, unless canceled.

Competing against Lamar for Album of the Year will be The Weeknd for “Beauty Behind the Madness,” Taylor Swift for “1989,” Chris Stapleton for “Traveller” and Alabama Shakes for “Sound & Color.” In the Song of the Year category it will be Lamar’s “Alright,” taking on “Blank Space” by Swift, “Girl Crush” by , “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge. The 2016 Grammy Awards live streaming and televised presentation arrives via CBS.

The CBS 12 website reported on Feb

Sports Betting Tips That You Must Know

Most of the people have turned the sports betting into the money-making undertaking, as well. The former have in used the time to incorporate enough awareness about the sporting occasion they stake on. Having personal preference supported on emotion can guide to a better creation bad betting judgments.

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby. One of the most significant sports betting tips as well advice against staking on persons favorite team. Interest should not only be the verdict factor in the sports betting, a person has to have the aspiration to know enough concerning the game to establish persons chances of succeeding. If persons are an intelligent bettor a person will need to struggle to get as more information as a person can before actually leasing go of person’s money. The latter just bets without hassling to do their study. It is also suitable to read up happening the players of every team to help a persons assess which way a person want to place persons bet. Sports betting guidelines will help a person determine whether persons are placing persons bet on the finest team to succeed. In the sports betting, here is a marked differentiation between populace who stake on sporting win and events, and those who position lose and wagers.

A good imperative of thumb is while a person cannot locate it in a person to bet against person’s favorite team, they do not bet for them, also. If a person wants to try persons hand at building sports betting a gainful activity, there are lots of matters a person will need to recognize to ensure persons success. So, there are lots of tips, which will apprise persons as to which performer did not train very fine that season.

Author’s Bio:

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby.

Sports Gifts – InfoBarrel

They can wear this jersey while they watch sporting events at home, at a bar or while they are at a game.Sports Magazine or Book

You can get a sports magazine subscription or book for the sports fan in your life. If your sports fan participates in the sport, maybe they need gear of their own.

Sports Fan Accessories:

There are a ton of sports fan accessories that you could get as a gift, or for stocking stuffers during the holidays. Get your sports fan their favorite players jersey or even just a player on their favorite team’s jersey. Give the fan in your life a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat or other clothing item that has their favorite sports team logo. If they like football, you could get them a nerf football to throw around or if they like golf, then consider a package of balls as a golf gift. Maybe a book that has tips for helping their performance or one with historical sports facts.

I hope this list of sports gift ideas helps you pick out the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life! You might also want to check out ways to save money on gifts.. Extra tailgating chairs are great for any guests they might bring or the chairs can break, or maybe they have low quality uncomfortable chairs and would like better ones.Tailgating Materials:

On the same note as the tailgating chairs, consider other tailgating materials for the sports fan in your life. Maybe they would like ESPN magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest or any other specialty sports magazine. Would they like a nice tailgating cooler? A tailgating grill or a table for having a meal while tailgating? Or maybe even a tailgating tent?

Sporting Event Seat Covers:

If your fan likes to go to sporting events where they have bleachers, then maybe they would enjoy seat covers as a gift.

Team Jerseys:A team jersey can be a very thoughtful and nice gift. A magazine subscription would be a cheap gift that they can enjoy every month for a year. If they play soccer maybe a soccer ball, or if they do gymnastics maybe some home gymnastics equipment.

Tailgating Chairs:

If your sports fan regularly goes to sporting events like football, basketball or hockey games

then tailgating chairs are an excellent gift. Accessories such as flags, memorabilia, stickers for the car or blankets.

Christmas Ornament:

If this is a Christmas sports gift you are looking for, maybe your sports fan would like a sports-themed Christmas ornament.

Play-at-home Sports Equipment:

Consider getting your sports fan something he or she needs to play at home. They can wear their sports clothing just hanging around the house, running errands or while watching the sport. Or you can get them a sports book as a gift. Either to see his or her favorite team, or to see a professional or semi-professional sporting event in the area.

Sports Clothing:

Sports clothing can make a great gift. Even if your sports fan already has tailgating chairs, they are a great gift because everyone can use extras.

Looking for a sports gift for the sports fan in your life? Hopefully these ideas help you find the perfect gift!

Sporting Event Tickets:

Sporting event tickets are an obvious gift for the avid sports fan

A few do’s and don’ts when betting on football accumulators

You can often talk yourself around to the idea of betting on someone else, and in my experience it only leads to disappointment. What i pay attention to is their special offers when signing up and what they offer customerson a regular basis. The chances are that if you don’t they will win and the team you chose in their place at the last minute will let you down. Don’t get sucked in by this as they are just as likely (or unlikely) as everyone else to pick a winning accumulator. I thank you for reading and i hope you found this hub helpful. Back your own judgement, nobody elses.

So there it is. Looking back on it if i was a neutral then i probably wouldn’t have picked them. If you can’t walkaway then you shouldn’t be betting.



Now let me start by telling you that this isn’t some great foolproof betting system that never fails as they simply don’t exist. It’s not a way to make an extra income (although it does feel great when you win) If the enjoyment has gone then it only spells trouble.. Here’s my guide:



Now most online bookmakers will guarantee the best odds so i don’t pay too much attention when i read that. It’s pointless me betting on the Argentinian league or the Brazilian league as i wouldn’t have a clue what i was doing, So i just normally stick to the English leagues, as it’s easier for me to spot a bet that i think is good value.

Now and again you will see ex footballers giving their advice on who to pick and who to stay clear of. When there is money at stake you want to know that you can get hold of the company in question and get the help you require.



If you aren’t enjoying betting on sporting events then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Also it’s good to scour the internet to see what people make of a certain bookmakers customer service help lines. The reason for this is i have included them before and they have been the only team to let me down on more than one occasion. I always pick a 4 team accumulator of 4 draws amongst my bets as the odds for a match finishing all square rarely goes below 2/1.

When betting on football i only bet on teams and leagues that i know about. Just because they used to play the game means nothing. KNOW YOUR BOOKMAKERS

When picking your teams it is often easy to just go for a team to win and forget about the other result, a draw. What this is, is a few tips on what to do and what not to do when betting on football accumulators, no guarantees, no 99.9% accuracy nonsense, just things that in my opinion you NEED to know and realise before even attempting to place your bet. Set yourself a limit before you start betting, a figure that you know you can afford to lose. If you do lose your money then walkaway, it’s as simple as that. There are my top 10 tips for gambling on football accumulators. Also if you don’t fancy a team in the first place then don’t change your mind. Gambling to me is a form of entertainment, just like going to the cinema is for other people. The cold, hard fact is that if you’re betting on accumulators then it’s pretty likely that you’re going to lose, however, if you follow the steps above then i believe you will eliminate some of the most common mistakes made when making your selections. I tend to stick with 4 or 5 teams at the most, even then it’s hard enough. They add very little to your overall winnings and there is always the chance that they can let you down and not even win at all. It’s easy to have have a blinkered view when it comes to your team.

If you look through the paper and fancy a certain team then make sure you pick them. Feel free to leave any comments below.


If a team is 1/7 to win then i don’t even consider it as there is absolutely no value in them. If you feel the need to bet on quite a few teams then i’d suggest a low stake as the chances of winning are incredibly small.



I make a point of never including my beloved Stoke City in any of my accumulators. Go with your initial instinct.

Ok so this is an obvious one but it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment. A pointless bet in my opinion.

It’s easy to get carried away when filling out your betting slip as you watch the odds rise, sometimes you almost convince yourself that you can’t lose

When Buddhists Attack, A Brilliant Work on Zen and the Martial Arts

Later in the book, we learn a little bit about how the western cultures began to embrace this unique mix of Zen theory and the combative arts.

Venturing into other Topics

In this work, Mann goes into great (yet simply described) detail on what Zen Buddhism is and also offers insights into the many different schools of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Zen. If you want to learn not only about Zen theory but also wish to see a connection between the martial arts and Zen, many of the classic works can sometimes be difficult to sift through. Mann has authored one of the more interesting works that delves into the relationship between Zen Buddhism and the martial arts. What makes this work so engaging is the fact it is written for the laymen looking for a very clear and concise tome that discusses the subject in an accessible way. While many martial arts books are forgotten about shorting after being published, this is one that will likely become a classic.

Clear and to the Point

Jeffry R. Mushin deals with the theory of no mind which is, mainly, being in the moment of what you are doing. Mann effectively points out that the highest cultivation of mushin is being lost in the moment of what one is doing while also being consciously aware of one’s surroundings. Once you gain a clear understanding of basic Zen principles and you see how these principles proved appealing to the samurai class in Japan, a great deal about the connection between the martial arts and a religion/philosophy that professes non-violence flow so seamlessly together. The topic is not lost amidst a lot of confusing mumbo jumbo that permeates so many inaccessible philosophical works.

The work covers the somewhat misunderstood practice of meditation and why it is integral to Zen Buddhist training. The most common misconception about mushin would be that it revolves around the notion of concentrating on a particular task at the exclusion of all else. Entitled When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen and the Martial Arts, this is one of the best works to emerge in recent years capable of putting the connection between Zen and the fighting arts into its proper historical context.

Reflections on Cynicism, Truth and Liberation in the Zen Notion of Life is Suffering

Then Along Came When Buddhists Attack.

Read my hub reviewing the book Campfire Tales from Hell

Those that have a love for the martial arts and their traditional roots traced to Zen Buddhism will find this work to be one of the best ever published. Among the most interesting charters would be the one on mushin and mindfulness. Frequently, this is because they are not designed as introductory texts.

Two of the more interesting chapters are The Warriors’ Zen: Initial Attraction and The Warriors’ Zen: An Established Relationship. In particular, the reader learns how and why martial arts and Zen theory became so intertwined in Japanese culture. Namely, they will be discovering how and why Zen theory grew to be so interconnected with the martial arts. While there are many brilliant and classic such as Zen Theory, Zen Practice, Zen and Japanese Culture, The Unfettered Mind, and others, those works might not be easily understood by those that are completely new to Zen philosophy. These chapters cover the crux of the material many will be reading the book to learn. This is an attribute that would be extremely important to a trained martial artist..

Check out:

In other words, you can actually understand what it is Mann is trying to get across