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I also thought about using images in this article, but wasn’t sure about things like copyright? Any recomendations on sources for royalty free images I might be able to use?

I will probably be a slightly boring read for most, but if anyone would like to take a look or just give me general advice on layout or etc. Unforunetly the amazon over phone ID part of signing up, by entering a pincode wasn’t working for me.

Hi guys, my first article is online, and its an opinion piece which is pretty specific to fans of Arsenal Football Club and English Premier league fans, also it relates to this summer so will become outdated. I am thinking about doing Articles about some of my favorite lesser known artists, What advice can I get on using links from sites like youtube and soundcloud? or maybe someone can link to the FAQ or Rules on that? I can’t find them. that would be great thanks.

When linking other peoples articles from infobarrel, how do you guys approach it? Do you just search for related content and write something along the lines of, for more info on x I recommend checking out this great article from userhere, and then have a link? Do you ever inquire with the user first, if they like to be linked to?

Thanks in advance for any advice and feedback and kind regards,

Here is the article:

I tried creating an amazons associates account to possibly link the teams jersey at the bottom of the page, although I gather this type of article is poor for generating sales. However it was an easy topic for me to start with.


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