Top 5 Best Card Games

An Italian card deck consists of 40 cards. The object of this card game is to win more points than your opponent by the end of the game. The object of this card game is to be the first player to finish all of his/her cards. Skip-BoA card game for 2-4 players

This card game has a deck which consists of 162 cards. There are special action cards that spice up the game and give it an interesting twist. Probably the most cerebral card game out there, Poker mixes in betting, bluffing, probability, and memory. Briscola An Italian card game best enjoyed with 4 players

This is a card game played with Italian cards. There are a total of 120 points so a player or team must have 61 or more points to win the card game. In this card game each player is dealt three cards and the next card is placed face up and represents the Briscola, or trump suit. The Asshole exchanges his two best cards to the president in return for whichever two cards the president gives him, usually his worst. AssholeA great card game to play in large groups, 3+ players

This is a great card game where players race to be the first person to play all of their cards in order to be the President for the following round. Definitely my favourite card game out there!. The most popular version of this card game is easily Texas Hold ‘em. This card game can be great at parties, just mix in more decks the more players there are.

1. UnoA card game for 2+ players

Uno is a great card game that was originally developedall the way back in 1971. The trump suit adds a lot of strategy and diversity to this card game making it very exciting.

2. Card numbers range from 1 through 12 and there are “SKIP-BO” wild cardswhich may be played as any number. Stay tuned for another list next week!

5. The object of this card game is to be the first player to complete his/her stockpile of cards.

3. Don’t forget to say “Uno”!

4. Converselythe last player with cards remaining becomes the Asshole. In some variations of the card game the Asshole is given the ability to “freeze” allowing him to win a hand by playing the same card. Incorporating some of the key elements from crazy eights, it is played with a specially printed deck that features colored cards instead of traditional suits. PokerThe most popular card game!

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without poker

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